The Difference Between Gas Deo and No-Gas Deo

The Difference Between Gas Deo and No-Gas Deo

Have you considered poking your brains into understanding what the difference between a gas deo and a no-gas deo is?

Well, the main difference is that gas deodorants contain vaporiser while no-gas deodorants do not, they contain fragrance. This makes the no-gas deodorant stay on longer compared to gas deodorants.

Gas deodorants also give you that splash of coolness when you spray them on your underarms and no wonder it feels like an instant fresh breeze on a hot summer day! No-gas deodorants carry the function of a perfume which lingers on a little longer once applied but misses the *dramatic calibre* of freshness the gas deodorant possesses with its spray splash of freshness.

Given the humidity and heat in Indian summers, it is easier to relate to what the gas deodorants do with their spray of instant heat relief along with the fragrance it spills. However, when it comes to removing body odour and making you smell like a daydream, both the gas deodorant and the no-gas deodorant perform their optimum.

Gas deodorants evaporate quicker than no-gas deodorants but have the upper hand in controlling body odour due to the composition of their chemicals and antimicrobials. No-gas deodorants, although lasting longer than a gas deodorant, do not mask the odour of sweat completely but yes, they do make you smell exquisite.

The bottom line is that gas deodorants neutralize the body odour caused by bacteria and sweat while no-gas deodorants cannot do the same but improve how you smell with the composition of essential oils and solvents.

It is simply a matter of choice and you can use both kinds to get rid of the odour of sweaty armpits and smell absolutely *delicious*, errr incredible!

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