The power to chase your dreams

We at Secret Temptation believe that you should have the power to chase your dreams. And that nothing should hold you back from turning them into reality. It's time to express your individuality and to pursue a life that you desire. All it takes is a little bit of courage. And a little bit of confidence.

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Hey there SECRET admirer!

Secret Temptation is a brand that makes amazing fragrances for young women like you. We want to help you feel confident and fabulous every day, whether you're getting dressed up for a special occasion or just hanging out with friends. Our products are your best friends - they make you feel good and believe in you! Check out our collection of grooming care products for women online and start feeling your best.

Take a tour of SECRET fragrances!

Secret Temptation is a personal care brand for women who are modern, ambitious women like you. We know you're busy chasing your dreams and fearlessly making your mark, which is why our fragrances are all about confidence, allure, and sophistication.

A quick spritz of our fragrances is all it takes to add that extra bit of fabulousness to your already amazing self. Whether you're
taking on the boardroom or hitting the town for a wild night out, our perfumes for women have got you covered. Make them fall under your irresistible spell and keep them guessing what your secret is. Hint: it's our amazing fragrances!

Unlocking the Secrets of the Perfect Fragrance

Secret Temptation offers a range of perfumes featuring Adore, Dream, Ruby, Daisy, and Jazz. Each has a distinct fragrance that feels captivating at first whiff. These are crafted to make a statement and invite banter as you head towards chasing your dreams. From an everyday go-to fragrance to an occasional charm, there’s one for every mood and vibe. Make a lasting impression that keeps you locked in their memory. Secret Temptation is your go-to guide for irresistible fragrances and indelible moments.

Discover the Secret to Long-Lasting Freshness

Secret Temptation’s grooming products for women online include deodorants that offer long-lasting freshness. Our fragrances like Romance, Play, Mystery, Affair, Passion, and Pink are just some of your favourite ones. Got just one minute to get ready? No worries, spritz these refreshing body sprays and create an aura of mysterious charm around you. Pick one that suits you best!

You can also explore the Te Amo collection of no-gas deodorants crafted for cheery, carefree, and confident women. It features Aqua, Breeze, Pearl, Dazzle, Sparkle, and Petal. These fragrances are designed for women who are set to rule the room. They are confident in their skin because they understand what self-love is all about. Secret Temptation celebrates this unapologetic attitude. Browse our collection to know more. 

Keeping off Body Odour with Secret Roll On

Secret Temptation deodorants roll-ons are your summer best friends. They glide smoothly on your underarms and give long-lasting freshness preventing body odour. Feel more confident and carefree
with happy underarms in the sultry summer months. The compact size is travel-friendly and can be easily carried in your handbags. Psst, it is perfectly acceptable to Airport security too.

There are three variants to suit your needs.

Brightening Roll on: For even toned, bright underarms care

Active Lifestyle Roll on: For gentle care of underarms 

Talc Effect Roll on: For powder-like soft underarms care without the mess. 

Fusing Fragrances in Secret Talcs

Get your hands on Secret Temptation talc for an exotic floral fragrance that last. They envelop your body with long hours and keep off body odour, while ensuring protection from sweat. Our exclusive collection of body talcs includes Romance and Pink, while our collection of face talc includes Bloom and Beauty BB Face Talc, Bright and Glow BG Face Talc, and Bloom and Beauty BG Face Talc.

House of Fragrances - Secret Temptation Combos

Creating a perfume combo pack is like combining a symphony of fragrance notes to create a beautiful melody that makes your body sing. Explore our combo collection and choose a pack that features your favourite fragrances. From a luxurious perfume set to a memorable deodorant, our grooming combo packs are curated to specifically suit your needs.

So, there you have it! A glimpse of our Secret collection. We wish to fill your life with extraordinary moments that can be remembered for a lifetime.

Shhh, It’s a Secret!

Discover the Art of Gifting with Secret Temptation

With an exquisite collection of perfumes, Secret Temptation has got your gifting game covered for any occasion. Our selection of perfumes makes the perfect present for any occasion. Whether you're looking forward to spoil your bestie on her birthday or put a smile on your mom's face on Mother's Day, Secret Temptation has got you covered. Our alluring fragrances will have your loved ones swooning with delight.

But it's not just about the product - it's about the experience. At Secret Temptation, we believe that gifting should feel just as good as it looks. That's why our gift packs are designed to add a touch of luxury to any special occasion. From Diwali to Christmas, Valentine’s Day to Rakhi, our fabulous fragrance sets are sure to impress. 

For instance, Mother’s Day is round the corner. A mother’s love is no secret, but your gift to her can be a sweet secret revealed at the right moment. Pick an amazing perfume from Secret’s range. And if you're looking for something that's both chic and stylish, our gift packs collection is perfect for the fashion-forward women of today. With amazing gifts for mom and your closest friends, you're sure to find something that will delight and surprise.