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Easy Hacks To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer & Smell Just Right

When we meet somebody for the first time, what do we first notice about them? It might be the way they carry themselves, the way they talk, or even the way they smell. Your demeanor is all natural and so is your style statement. But when it comes to fragrance, it depends on what we prefer to wear. Many may question the secret of smelling so good. The secret to smelling gorgeous is hidden in a bottle of a good perfume. Anyone can buy perfume for women but it all depends on its application and the choice of notes that lend a magical touch to your persona.

Best perfume hacks to smell like a diva

You may have one of the top perfumes for women in your closet but it is sheer waste if you don’t know how to use it well. These perfume hacks will make your perfume last longer

  •  Apply the perfume right after the shower

Since after shower your damp skin holds more moisture, it is alright to spray your best women’s perfume right after you step out from the shower. There is a better chance of perfume to get absorbed in the skin to make you smell good for long hours.

  • Always spray perfume on moisturized skin

Want your favorite perfume to linger a bit more? Always moisturize your skin with body lotion before applying perfume. This also helps in locking the fragrance and makes the perfume stay longer on your skin.

  • Power of petroleum jelly

Do you know petroleum jelly works wonders in giving extra life to your fragrance? This trick helps you to smell wonderful throughout the day. Put on a small amount of Vaseline on your pulse points or wherever you want to apply and then spray perfume. The petroleum jelly successfully locks the scent and thus makes you smell good for long hours.

  • Target the pulse points

Always spray perfume in the warmer areas of your body like your wrist, neck, and elbow. The blood vessels in these points are at the surface of the skin, which radiates heat naturally. If you spray perfume on these points, it eventually releases fragrance from the skin. No matter what hour of the day it is, you will smell attractive to others.

  • To smell good from head to toe, spray some on your comb/ hairbrush

If you clean and wash your hair regularly, you will definitely smell good every time you turn your head. But to smell divine, every time you toss your hair, here is a simple trick. Just spray some fragrance on your comb and brush it on your dry hair. The fragrance will layer up your hair and you will smell awesome whenever you will toss your hair.

  • Make sure that you apply perfume of the right strength

Whenever you invest in a perfume, make sure it is of the right strength. Perfumes with strong base notes are considered to last long compared to perfumes with strong top notes. If your perfume is light, then there are chances of it to vaporize faster. If you want to smell great, buy perfume for women by Secret Temptation, which is strong in its essence.

So, now that the secret is revealed, you too can use these tricks to smell gorgeous like a diva. Smelling awesome does not just make you attractive but also confident.
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