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Now it depends on the day, doesn’t it, whether you can maintain a Zen master-like calm over your sweaty underarms or you’re hellbent on pulling off a gorgeous outfit at someone’s wedding? The setting for the scenario in both cases is humid weather and the challenge is excessive sweating.

So, what’s your score in both scenarios? Failing terribly? *There, there!*

Here’s our mini guide on the difference between Antiperspirant and Deo so that you can take your pick to solve your odour issues.

A Deodorant is considered a cosmetic as it is intended to complement your beauty profile while an Antiperspirant is considered a drug since it influences the part of your body to perform a certain function. Generally speaking.

Deodorants help mask the body odour and are alcohol-based. They do not control your sweating. Antiperspirants usually contain aluminium-based compounds which temporarily block sweat pores. They are found as over-the-counter antiperspirants as well as prescription-based. BUT hold on. Exceptions exist. Secret Temptation’s Antiperspirants do not contain aluminium-based compounds like many available antiperspirants in the market. So, whether it is a deo or an antiperspirant from Secret Temptation, you’re good to go (and smell great)! Yay.

If you do not sweat excessively and you just want to smell like a fresh flower, go for a Deodorant. But if you have somewhere special to go wearing your ‘OOTD’ and you have an uncontrollable sweat gland, you could go for an Antiperspirant Roll On from Secret Temptation.

Of course, it is totally normal and healthy to sweat. Sweating controls your body temperature and helps it cool down. And sweat does not have an odour, the body odour comes from the bacteria which come as the byproduct of sweat. Many notable scientific investigations have assured that both Deodorants and Antiperspirants are considered safe products.

So then, sweat away because it’s only natural and you always have your favourite fragrances in your choicest Deodorants and Antiperspirants to choose from. And smell like a sweet sensation all day!
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