How to make your work from home delightful?

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Howdy, girls! So it’s been quite some time since we have been surviving this lockdown. And in these circumstances most of us have realized one thing working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds. Especially managing chores and meeting your work commitments together can be quite a task. But how about trying these tips that will make working from home for you more delightful.

Let’s deep dive into the sea of making your work from home delightful:

1. Give greenery some space – A greener workspace is all you require if you want to start your work from home with a fresh mood. Not only this but a greener workstation also helps you to reduce your daily stress and makes you concentrate on your work better. (give that sunshine a little way).

2. Comfortable clothing is very crucial– Remember the days when you use to wear formals or semi formals to work? Well time has changed and now you can work from the comfort of your home in your comfortable pj’s and deliver 10x more because with comfort often comes productivity. 

3. Appreciation notes – During these rough times what you can’t ignore is appreciating yourself. Constantly appreciate yourself and your work by writing appreciation notes for the most important or even not so important things you achieved by the end of the day.

4. Wear A Good Perfume:  We know it’s important to stay fresh and hygienic all day. And body odor    is a major turn off.  Not just outside, even at home it is important to smell good. A good fragrance not just helps you to mask your body odor but also freshens your mood and possibly helps you to become more productive and ditch work blues. Wear a good perfume for women to stay fresh all day. Good fragrances are likely to be associated with good memories and thus making you feel good and confident. You can buy secret temptation perfume online to avail best offers.  They come with exquisite notes and are long lasting. You can buy best perfumes for women here.

5. Don’t forget to communicate – In the time of most things virtual, don’t forget to communicate and talk with your colleagues because staying connected and maintaining every relationship is very vital. We know you miss the personal touch and smell but don’t forget to add them in your virtual world.

6. Promise yourself a reward – We know you work hard every day and what will keep you motivated during the toughest hours of your to do list is the promise of a reward at the end of the day. So don’t forget to treat yourself.

7. Keep yourself entertained – Working nonstop without a break can be very boring and monotonous so always try to keep yourself entertained by listening to some peppy music that makes you groove.

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