Fragrance Myth-busters

Secret Temptation Fragrance Myth-busters

What’s a good fragrance myth you’ve heard? Well, WE definitely have heard alot. Isn’t it wonderful (absurdly) how our ignorance mixed with myths sometimes can give us a lot of wrong info too? Sure, it would make for splendid storytelling. But ward off the myths while you drench in spellbinding fragrances because HERE COMES THE FRAGRANCE MYTH-BUSTERS.

MYTH: The stronger the fragrance, the longer it lasts

hello. WHAAA? Is this fragrance we’re talking or is it a piece of ergonomical furniture in your home?

The intensity of the fragrance does not determine how long it lasts. It depends on the concentration of the fragrance: the percentage of oils and alcohol content in it. The lower the alcohol concentration, the longer your muse which is the breathtaking fragrance shall last.

MYTH: Fragrances stored in the fridge last longer 

Okay. Might as well also store our dating lives in the fridge then.

Well, storing a perfume in the fridge causes it to expire soon because it exposes the fragrance to temperature changes. The only ideal place to keep them is some place dark and cold. Dark and cold as in, inside your wardrobe (and not our sarcasm. Not at all, the fridge.).

MYTH: Fragrances must smell the same throughout the day

But hey, what if they like dabbling a little throughout the day. Fragrances have a heart too, you know? A heart note, to be precise, along with a top note and a base note. So after applying a fragrance, the top note fades away. The heart note lingers on for about fifteen to twenty minutes. And the base note stays on for a little longer, a few hours maybe. Many fragrances have an extraordinary layer and twist of the three.

MYTH: The expensive, the better

Judging a fragrance by its price tag should be the last thing you would do. It’s the positioning of the brand and not what it smells like. Sometimes, a reasonably priced fragrance could be the one for you, making you feel like this fragrance was meant to make its way to you. *How dreamy!*

MYTH: Fragrances have an expiration date

The expiration of a fragrance does not come embossed on its bottle. Most fragrances survive for about 3-4 years if you store them at the right spot, away from sunlight and moisture. When the fragrance is about to expire, you will notice it on the shade of the liquid or in the way it smells a little odd/foul.

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